Business delegation to Baden-Württemberg

In March, a smaller business delegation from Celje will visit Singen – Celje twin city. In the framework of potential business cooperation, the global companies Georg Fischer and Breyer will be visited.

Beside the bilateral business talks with entrepreneurs and businessmen from Singen and its surroundings, Celje entrepreneurs will also take part on the business forum in this German city.

This will be the first economic delegation to the partner city with which the town of Celje has long-standing excellent relations, especially in the field of culture and exchange of good practices related to the local topics.

Entrepreneurs will try to take advantage of the excellent geostrategic position of both cities in the deepening of economic relations, which, in terms of logistics, enable constructive arrangements and exchange of good business practices.

A more detailed plan of the visit will be presented shortly. If you are considering participating in a business delegation, please send us an e-mail to: