Investment conference in Istanbul

As part of the presentation of the Celje and regional economy, our business meetings were organized and carried out between a representative of Celje International and the following Turkish companies and organizations:

  • S.S Eskoop Industrial Zone (Mr. Necati Basaran)
  • Consulate General of the Republic of Slovenia in Istanbul (Mrs. Aysun Deniz)
  • Agmati, A.S. (Mr. Idris Cevheroglu)
  • Melisnur Consultancy (Mr. Yahya Temel Tatlitsu)
  • Saribrahimoglu Law office (Mrs. Asiye Merve Avsar)
  • Yatas Group (Mr. Ahmet Cem Isik)
  • Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia in Izmir (Mr. Mazhar Izmiroglu)
  • Bursa International Textile Center (Mr. Ali Tiryaki)
  • SLOTUR Istanbul (Mrs. Natalia Atay)

Certain representatives from the Turkish side have shown considerable interest in potential investment opportunities in Slovenia as well as in Celje. A visit from the Turkish side to Slovenia is expected next year and business talks will resume.