Business delegation of Celje companies at EXPO DUBAI 2020 – January 2022

At the initiative of businessmen and entrepreneurs from Celje, Celje International organized a tour of the world economic exhibition EXPO DUBAI 2020 in the months of January and March 2022. The Expo 2020 exhibition was located in one of the Arab countries for the first time in history, on an area of 438 hectares between the city of Dubai and the southern border with Abu Dhabi. A record 190 countries presented themselves at it, and Slovenia was among those that will have their own pavilions specially designed for this occasion. The central theme of the Expo was “Connecting ideas for the future”, and the three main sections and sub-themes of the exhibition were opportunities, mobility and sustainability. There was a delegation from Celje of 31 representatives of private companies and public institutions from Celje, which visited the world economic exhibition EXPO 2020. As part of the Dubai visit program, two days were dedicated to visiting EXPA and economic delegations, namely 15.1.2022 and 16.1.2022, where we were welcomed by SPIRIT representatives in the Slovenian pavilion.