The town boasts a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises focussing on new technologies and knowledge in the fields of industrial electronics, telematics, navigation, automation and robotics, as well as business process tracking.

A leading European provider of integrated solutions in the field of guaranteeing traceability of goods from the production line to the end user. As their next step on a global scale, EMA is chasing the position of lead provider of telematics solutions for seafaring vessel tracking.

BOSIO is an emerging manufacturer of equipment for the thermal processing of materials. The company goal is to turn the Bosio brand into a recognised guarantee of quality, business excellence, and cooperation with the customer in developing a technologically sophisticated and highly serviceable product.

A leading company in navigation equipment for gliders. It combines knowledge from the fields of electronics, information technology and mechanical engineering, and supplies aircraft manufacturers worldwide.

This development technology company, employing a team of 65 experts, operates in the field of robotic and traditional production process automation, as well as industrial electronics and intelligent energy systems.

The company develops and manages four production programmes: lightning conductors, surge protection, cable tray systems, and mounting systems for solar technology and heating systems.

As a development-oriented family company with 96 employees, Vivapen is one of the leading manufacturers of pens, roller ball pens, and inks in Europe. Its development is based on good business relationships, innovative ideas, quality, and flexibility.