Celje International Business Forum 2016

Summary of the business forum’s key conclusions and proposal of activities for further cooperation:

  • In the near future (3 to 9 months), B2B meetings will be organised between industrialists/economic operators or enterprises, primarily in Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Turkey. The business meetings will be set so as to match each participating enterprise from the individual region with an interest previously expressed by a business entity from either of the other regions dealt with at the business forum.
  • Representatives of the participants acting in the capacity of economic interest organisations on behalf of the individual regions will compile lists of enterprises interested in cooperation with enterprises from the Alps-Adriatic area, South-eastern Europe, and Turkey (to this purpose, a special survey will be prepared, as well as a catalogue with presentations of the companies and their products or services).
  • The possibilities for companies from individual regions to jointly enter international competitions or apply for projects where cooperation of business entities and organisations from different countries is required or recommended will be investigated.
  • Business meetings in which individual regions and local communities within them can make a presentation of their macroeconomic environments, with an emphasis on legislation, spatial possibilities and incentives for attracting foreign investment, will be organised.
  • Successful entrepreneurs will be invited to business meetings to share their business stories and make their experience and knowledge of business environments available to enterprises which wish to enter the markets of the above-mentioned geographical areas or regions (this initiative would later be assumed by business clubs and chambers of commerce and crafts in the individual regions).
  • Economic interest organisations and business clubs will, each in their own environments, encourage business entities to strengthen international business cooperation in exchanging goods and services, investing, exchanging business practices, and sharing experience.

The next business forum will verify the implementation of these conclusions and related concrete activities, and define new ones.

Zloženka cibf 2016 (.pdf)