For the greater part of the 20th century, metallurgy was the most important industry in the town, but following Slovene independence the companies were forced to diversify. The largest, Cinkarna Celje, founded in 1873 as a zinc factory, later developed into the most important chemical processing company in Slovenia, specialising in the production of titanium dioxide.

More recently, the prevailing economic activities in Celje have been services and commerce. The town is the seat of Tuš, a company which has grown from a small, local trader into a chain of supermarkets across the country, expanding to foreign markets as well.

In recent years, Celje has been developing from a typically industrial town known for basic industry into a town of service activities, boasting numerous development-propulsive and innovative businesses. Tourism and logistics services perfectly complement the fresh entrepreneurial spirit of this town and region with a powerful historic character.




The full range of experiences available in one location is what gives the town its special charm.

The Old Castle, the Šmartinsko Lake, the romantic streets of the old town, Celje’s mighty architecture and its celebrated history provide each visitor with memorable impressions to add to their book of memories.